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1. Application Limit
The standard stipulates that the use of Cut-through Giwa from this company which would give feelings of engraved or embossed texture.

2. Use of Material
The use of materials must follow the guideline and standard as mentioned below.
The measurement and shape must be same as laid down in blueprint.

3. Use of Construction Material
a) Metals (Concrete nail), Metal bushing - Types of metal and units of material follow the Specifications. If there is no Specification, thenit is possible to make a decision after the inspection of supervisor at the site.
b) Adhesive - When our company product is to be attached on exterior concrete, epoxy paste must be used above 20 degree celcius with 12 hours of hardening process.
c) Mortar - The standard of mortar used to attach our product must use the product from Union Power Cement or the product that satisfies the standard.
d) Mortar for Joint - Joint mortar must follow the standard of Union joint or the product that satistifes the condition.

4. Blueprint
a) The construction site must decide the number of required Giwa products as well as colors and design of joint unit first before the real implementation.
b) The standard construction schedule on flat wall will be decreased if the construction site used the standard materials which is more economical.


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