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Wang Shu born in Shin Jang in 1963. He studied architecture as his major in NanJing tech university and worked in Hangzhou.


His architecture root is derived from traditional Chinese style in which landcape painting is dissolved in his works by using Giwa and other disuse



materials as it can be seen from what he has done i.e, Ningbo history museum and Hangzhou art academy of Xiang Shan campus.

투톤(Two Tone) : 모노와 칼라를 조합, 건물과 공간에 어울리는  디자인을 연출한다. 건물의 성격과 취향에 맞는 세밀한 디자인이







Wang shu's works




- Xiang Shan campus is made out of disuse materials and 700 millions of old bricks on roof and wall. Ningbo history museum is made of old bricks as well. Where the idea is coming from?
One day, friend of mine told me that old bricks are found after the demolition of a house which are from the various era of ancient countries such as Tang, Song and Qing. The traditional moral of China is 'saving'. I realised that using the traditional materials is the morality I believed. It is simply that such method is used only in China at eastern side of Zhezang city. Currently, this region is discovered with 80 different types of bricks and Giwa..

- There will not be many types of construction materials in your work excluding old materials.
It is not all that people can feel something from any building. It is not related to completion of work regardless of what materials are used.
It is important for a building to let people remind of their memories and experiences..




There will be no future if tradition were not conserved. More important thing is how to keep the life of tradition alive and conserve them.


Pritzker Award
It is the famous award for an architecturer who constantly contributes to architecture world through outstanding ability and new vision.





Architecture Biennale
Amateur Architecture Studio

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