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In 2011, Wang Shu from China has received the famous prize known as 'Pritzker Architecture Prize' which is also equally considered as architectural novel prize. Wang shu was infamous regional architectural in China and right after being awarded the prize, he was on the spot light with the chinese architectural skill that had started later in modern architecture. Also, there had been a self-examination among Korean architecture association as to check what has been done for the past years.

What all Wang shu, the Pritzker Award winner, did was that recycling the bricks and disuse materials from old traditional architecture. However, it was found that such method has already been used in domestic, the interest of people about the company is extremely high.

A company known as 'Art Giwa(CEO, Kim Yeon Ja)', is utilising the Giwa and bricks from traditional house in order to design interior as well as the exterior of buildings. Experts say that apart from Wang shu's design, the company has a broad spectrum of artistic area which would overcome the limit of recycles. We interviewed the executive director, Jang Hoon, from Art Giwa as to find out how they could contribute to Suwon Prov. for the 'President Prize' in 2011 and what is Art Giwa architecture?

A famous architecturer, Wang Shu in Korea?


Q) What Art Giwa tells about 'Giwa'?

Giwa is usually treated as roof tile from traditional house and Art Giwa is the 'Invention & Design Patent Giwa' that makes a building outstanding with special idea and 3D-dimensional structure.

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